Multiple Pin-Hole

…Protect Your Sight

Keep eyes healthy through relaxation with Stenopeic Glare Guards. Let nature nourish your eyes. Eye saving unbreakable plastic, scientifically designed—need no prescription.

ORDER TODAY! See what you’ve missed. MEN’S SIZES: 24 (M)—26 (L). LADIES’—22. Amber or Black frames—$18.50 check or M.O. 10-day trial, moneyback guarantee.


Dept. MI P.O. Box 1209 Palm Springs, Calif.

  1. Christoph says: February 22, 201110:07 am

    “Chicks dig it!”

  2. Andrew L. Ayers says: February 22, 201110:50 am

    I wonder when the advertising transition occurred from “glare reduction” to “get rid of your prescription glasses”…

    /for those that don’t know, pinhole glasses have been marketed as a way to “strengthen your eye muscles” or some other such woo, so you don’t have to were prescription eyeglasses anymore – it’s a crock, though…

  3. Toronto says: February 22, 20111:25 pm

    “It’s like having your very own disco ball everywhere you go!”

  4. Charlene says: February 22, 20111:35 pm

    Yo, Charlie, I’m really happy for you, I’mma let you finish, but Shutter Shades has some of the best glasses of all time. OF ALL TIME!

  5. Kosher Ham says: February 22, 20119:58 pm

    Glasses make you look like a geek no matter how high fashion they are.

  6. carlm says: February 23, 201112:57 am

    Or look like a fly. Very chic. Ask the actor David Hedison “Help me!”…

  7. Andrew L. Ayers says: February 23, 20119:45 am

    You say that like its a bad thing, KH… 😉

  8. Baron Waste says: February 23, 201112:57 pm

    I understand this is actually a bad idea – like old-style sunglasses that don’t block UV, this allows UV through all o’ them little holes, into irises opened by the dim light level. It’s like the worst of both worlds. In the short run it might be better than nothing – beats going snowblind; the Eskimos made something similar – but an ophthalmologist would wince.

  9. woid says: February 24, 20119:12 am

    In the GREATEST CELEBRITY SIGHTING EVER, over 20 years ago I encountered Dr. Bronner — yes, THE Dr. Bronner (http://www.twoglasses.c…) dining in a vegetarian restaurant near the Farmer’s Market in LA!

    It was night, it was indoors, and HE WAS WEARING THESE GLASSES!!

    All-one? ALL-ONE!!!

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