A repeating slingshot, recently placed on the market, makes it possible to shoot 200 BB shot without fumbling about for ammunition and without reloading. The magazine is a metal cone that fits into the wire frame of the slingshot, forming a grip. The tip of the cone, slotted to form a prong, admits a single shot from inside the magazine.

  1. james says: August 14, 20084:44 am

    BB ammo is negative heavy? How can poke a shot from a inverted cone? Or you’re suposed to flip the slingshot before a shot and let gravity do the work?

    Those cones, made of leather and with bird beak like prongs existed 4 centuries ago for muzzleloader rifles, those also only worked upside-down.

  2. zim says: August 14, 20088:11 am

    I just built one of these in about 20 minutes with a little piece of aluminum tubing after reading the article. For mounting, I just duct taped it to the handle with the tip just above the ‘Y’. To get gravity to feed a bb, I hold the slingshot out at arm’s length and rotate my right wrist counter clockwise. It’s really simple and there’s no fumbling. That said, I don’t think it’d be hard to put a spring and plunger inside the tube to keep constant pressure on the bb’s.

    Anyway, cool idea… one of the reasons I love this site!

  3. JM says: August 14, 20088:15 am

    I suppose your thumb had to work to get the “ammo” on position

  4. slim says: August 14, 20089:05 am

    You’re gonna put your eye out!

  5. arizona life insurance broker says: August 18, 200810:11 pm

    Hey, I’ll buy one of these things today!

  6. vonborks says: July 29, 20127:20 pm

    I had one of these in 1939. It was very easy to load and shoot, very accurate, verey reliable, they were advertised on the back cover of many comic books, available via mail order for 25 Cents. I think it would be a very popular item today.

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