Replica of Tank Is Made of Soap (Feb, 1930)

Replica of Tank Is Made of Soap

ONE hundred and thirty pounds of soap were used in the construction of a replica of a giant army tank at a recent soap exposition in Berlin, Germany. Cakes and slabs and sheets of soap were used throughout, pieces of soap being carved down to small knobs to represent hundreds of rivets in carrying out the details of the work. Happy soldiers maintain it would be an easy task for an army equipped with such soap tanks to “clean up” any opponent.

  1. Hirudinea says: June 21, 20111:41 pm

    I’ve heard of people in jail carving guns out of soap but this is ridiculous!

  2. Pat Flannery says: June 22, 20117:05 pm

    Yeah, you could see where it was all going to end up even back then, couldn’t you?
    “Let’s build a soap replica of the Brandenburg Gate.”
    “No, let’s build a replica of the Zugspitze.”
    “No, let’s make a replica tank out of soap!”
    “We aren’t allowed to make soap tanks under the Treaty Of Versailles…”
    “I know… let’s make it SECRETLY.”
    “Yeah, we’ll say it’s a TRACTOR of some sort.”
    “Yeah, screw them anyway…”
    “See this? It’s a soap replica hawk.”
    “How come it’s got a propeller on its head and a bomb between its claws?”
    “That’s for when it migrates…to Poland.” 😉

  3. Odon says: March 27, 20194:09 am

    “Excuse me sir, but don’t you think we should have something more powerful than a Boys .55 anti-tank rifle if the Hun goes to war again?”
    “Don’t be silly, Corporal Jenkins. Don’t you know that Hun tanks are just made out of soap!”

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