Rescue Glider-Boat (Sep, 1947)

This seems like a pretty weird way to rescue people…

IN ITS unceasing efforts to save lives at sea, the Coast Guard is developing the glider-boat rescue unit illustrated here. Towed by powerful aircraft, the device would be released over the scene of disaster. After gliding to the water, it would jettison its wings and tail and take on the function of a motor boat. Designers hope eventually to make use of the wings and tail of CG4A gliders, produced in quantity during the war. The craft will be built so that it can be hoisted aboard rescue ships arriving upon the scene.

  1. EMF says: April 26, 201210:07 am

    If they wanted to get rid of the left over war production of wings and tails, then wouldn’t it just be cheaper and less complicated to dump them into the ocean in a conventional way rather than this way?

  2. Hirudinea says: April 26, 20121:18 pm

    So half frozen men are supposed to pilot a motorboat back to land?

  3. Toronto says: April 26, 20127:50 pm

    Hiru: The pilot would feel warm for a while, ’caused he’d had pissed himself on the way down, gliding into rough seas in rough air.

  4. D says: April 27, 20123:50 pm

    So far as ideas go it’s not absolutely atrocious, but it’d be easier to just air-drop something, instead of this odd, complicated glider concept.

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