Rescuer Walks to Victim With New Life-Saving Device (Mar, 1932)

Rescuer Walks to Victim With New Life-Saving Device

REDUCING danger and increasing speed of movement through the water arc the features of a new German life-saving device which permits the rescuer to walk to the drowning person.

Giving the wearer the aspect of a winged mercury, the device consists of a waterproof suit with a life belt around the middle, as illustrated in the accompanying photo.

On the feet are worn a pair of hinged fins which automatically lock when the foot is moved backward for propulsion and fold up when the foot moves forward for a new stroke. Arm paddles also aid propulsion.

  1. Hirudinea says: January 4, 20129:21 pm

    “Uh, yea, thanks for comming to my rescue and all but I think I’ll wait for someone who can swim.”

  2. Neil Russell says: January 5, 20128:15 am

    “Rescue you? No, I was just out here fly fishing”

  3. George says: January 5, 20121:29 pm

    “Hold your breath, I’ll be out as soon as I get into my rescue suit.”

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