Restaurant Entrance Like Bow of Ship Attracts Business (May, 1931)

Bernstein’s was open between 1912 and 1981.  It was at 123 Powell St in San Francisco. There’s a DSW there now.

Restaurant Entrance Like Bow of Ship Attracts Business

IF a first prize were awarded for unique entrances, it would probably go to the proprietor of the Bernstein’s sea food restaurant in San Francisco. The entrance to the restaurant, shown in the photo at the right, leaves passers-by in little doubt as to the particular kind of food served there. It must, they reason, come from the sea, and on going in to investigate, they find their guess correct.

The entrance is built in the form of the bow of the ship “Nina,” on which, as every schoolboy knows, Columbus sailed on his great voyage of discovery. The model is complete, even to figurehead portholes.

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  1. Dave says: January 25, 20128:07 pm

    Um… I haven’t been a schoolboy in quite some time, but as I recall, when I was a schoolboy we all knew that Columbus’s flagship was the Santa Maria, not the Nina.

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