“Retired” Plane Finds New Job Guarding Fruit from Frost (Aug, 1938)

“Retired” Plane Finds New Job Guarding Fruit from Frost

Long since retired from the air lanes, a cabin plane once worth $50,000 is on duty today protecting an orchard at Painesville, Ohio, from frost. The airplane was once owned by David S. Ingalls, former assistant secretary of the Navy. It has been hoisted to the top of a forty-foot steel tower, where it rotates slowly, its propeller sending blasts of air over the treetops to prevent dew from forming on the trees and freezing. On one occasion the prospective 1938 peach and apple crop was saved by building a fire at the foot of the tower when the temperature had dropped to twenty-six degrees. As the warm air rose it was blown through the orchard by the propeller. Not one bud was frozen.

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  1. Orv says: January 26, 200812:51 pm

    Reminds me of the DC-3 weathervane at Whitehorse Airport, in the Yukon:

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