RHEUMATISM (Feb, 1909)

Apparently they have a trademark on magic feet.


I Will Send Every Sufferer Who Returns My Coupon My One Dollar External Cure to TRY FREE


I have found an external cure for Rheumatism that is curing old chronic cases of 30 and 40 years suffering, as well as all the milder stages.

I have the proof to convince anybody that Magic Foot Drafts are curing where doctors and baths and medicine failed. No matter how severe or chronic your case may be, you who have endured the endless torture of this cruel disease, must try my Drafts, for there is relief and comfort in every pair, whether your Rheumatism is chronic or acute, muscular, inflammatory, sciatic, lumbago, or gout. Send in my coupon today. Return mail will bring the Drafts, prepaid. Then if you are satisfied with the benefit received, send us One Dollar. If not, keep your money. You decide, and we take your word. Just sign and mail this coupon.


Magic Foot Draft Co., Jackson, Mich.

Please send a $1.00 pair of Magic Foot Drafts to:

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