Ricochet Romance (Oct, 1955)

Ricochet Romance


No, we’re not going to say what practically everyone always says about rebound romances — that they’re unwise, unsafe, and should be avoided. We think they can be a very good thing indeed if one important fact is kept in mind: “Rebound” should be recognized for what it is, a reaction to another emotional situation. As long as yon don’t fool yourself into taking a rebound romance too seriously, why shouldn’t you enjoy whatever consolations there may be for your broken heart? Your “real” romance is over — and it doesn’t matter which one of you broke it up—but here’s a most presentable gentleman eager to give you back your ego, restore your standing in the dating world, and provide you with a chance to get back into circulation as quickly as possible. It would be just plain foolish to refuse all this, to stay home to wait until your hurt is all gone and you can re-emerge ready for an entirely new chapter in your life.

But it would be even more foolish to take an unrealistic plunge into this new relationship, enthusiastically spreading the good news far and wide and giving your new escort-in-need reason to think that you’re more interested in him than you honestly are.

And the most foolish thing you could do—and some very smart girls of all ages have been known to do it—would be to agree to go steady with Mr. Ricochet—just to show people how little the bust-up affected you. Rebound all you want, but keep it light, fun, and not for keeps.

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