Ride Side by Side on This New “Bicycle Built for Two” (Feb, 1934)

Ride Side by Side on This New “Bicycle Built for Two”

THE “bicycle built for two” of the gay nineties may become popular again. A device invented by Charles Nessom of St. Louis allows two ordinary bicycles to be coupled together so that riders can sit side by side and enjoy the ride together.

The light steel framework contains universal joints, so the two front wheels can be steered as one. Cross chains at the rear may be loosened to allow the two riders to pedal together at different elevations without danger of tipping.

Coaster brakes allow the boy friend to do all the pedalling if he wishes, while his girl enjoys the scenery. If perchance a quarrel should develop, the bicycles may be separated in a minute, and no one will have to “walk home from the buggy ride.”

The inventor claims the device represents the first practical improvement on the twin bicycle in forty years.

  1. Don says: January 4, 20085:58 am

    Which one’s the “boy friend”??

  2. moondancer says: January 4, 20081:40 pm

    When I was in grade school (mid-sixties) there was a guy in my school that was so heavy that his dad built him a bike very similar to this. He sat between the bikes on a bench and pedaled both.

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