Rifle Barrel Becomes Bugle for Musical Stunt (Mar, 1938)

Rifle Barrel Becomes Bugle for Musical Stunt

Using the barrel for a horn, an English musician can play bugle calls on a rifle. A trumpet mouthpiece is inserted into the muzzle and the bolt removed. The notes produced are shrill and piercing, but are said to be perfect in both tone and pitch. The originator of the idea is shown in the photograph reproduced at the left holding the novel instrument in the correct position for sounding a bugle call.

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  2. Vozpit says: February 11, 20088:01 pm

    Musical stunt? Unless there’s a bullet and a finger on the other end, it’s not much of a stunt.

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  4. Rifle Used As A Bugle | Gun Blog says: March 26, 20104:29 pm

    […] Source – Popular Science (March 1938) […]

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