Ring-a-Ride, Flying Bike, Secrets of the Heart and Spurting Molten Steel (Apr, 1950)

New in Science

Flying Bike, left, takes off for a 10-mph spin into space. Navy attorney Charles K. Paul built this strange pedal-copter by rigging bicycle parts and a homemade prop to a gas bag. Above, helium bears him aloft for test at Lakehurst, N. J.

Rolling Wheel gathers lots of fun for London lads and lassies when Alfred Ryan tries out his novel Ring-a-Ride in the streets of the town’s Islington area. He plans to make a 60-foot model for the visitors to Britain’s big 1951 Festival.

Secrets of the Heart are laid bare by chest fluoroscope, bottom left. Patient at Chicago’s Presbyterian Hospital remains conscious while the surgeon probes tubing through a vein to spot cardiac trouble. Tube is looping inside the heart.

Molten Steel spurts from the nozzle of this power sprayer to repair worn-out metal parts. Westinghouse engineers at Pittsburgh took a tip from milady’s atomizer to invent this device for renovating “worthless” electric equipment.

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  1. Bill Higgins-- Beam Jockey says: June 2, 200910:09 am

    I would like to see a race between a Pedalcopter and a Ring-A-Ride.

    See also http://images.google.co… in the Life archive.

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