Riot Car Shoots Water, Bullets or Poison Gas (May, 1938)

Riot Car Shoots Water, Bullets or Poison Gas

ON the cover of the current issue appears our artist’s conception of a riot car just patented by Victorino L. Tunaya, of Brooklyn, New York. This vehicle is provided with a number of discharge nozzles through which powerful streams of water or liquid gas can be projected on rioting groups of persons. In event of very serious trouble, machine guns may be mounted in the turrets instead of hose nozzles to deal with rioters with greater finality. Two
huge tanks contain the liquid, which is driven through the nozzles by a pump.

  1. ANI says: September 14, 20076:12 am

    this futuristic car is very similar to the illustrations found in this russian children’s book I adore –… – although the design sensibility of 1938 was still in full swing in Russia of 1954…

  2. ajpress says: September 14, 200710:40 am

    It’s the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle!

  3. Sorcerer Mickey says: September 14, 20072:03 pm

    What won’t the criminal element of Metropolis think of next!

  4. jayessell says: September 14, 20073:02 pm

    It’s the Herkimer battle jitney!

  5. jayessell says: September 14, 20074:29 pm

    A photo of the Herkimer Battle Jitney!


  6. Village Idiot says: September 15, 20073:02 am

    Wow, interesting how small the thugs operating the machine guns are compared to the enormous union organizers (oops I mean “rioters”) they are squirting with water or poison gas from the high-precision nozzles. Wait a minute… poison gas?!?

  7. Stannous says: September 15, 20076:36 pm

    Now if we could just get rid of the humans operating the weapons and replaced them with robots…

  8. Firebrand38 says: September 19, 20074:56 pm

    Original patent may be found at…

    Interesting what “Village Idiot” made of a line drawing. The guys in the turrets are “thugs” and the guys in the street become “union organizers”? Ahhh Idiots, no wonder every village wants one.

  9. Village Idiot says: October 4, 20077:25 am

    Um, when one group of people is attacking another, it’s usually the thugs who have the weapons. I’ve never heard anyone say “Aw, look at those thugs getting chased and beaten by an unarmed mob.” When this was published, union organizing, and especially members of the I.W.W., were often targeted with violence, so the scenario is very plausible, but most Americans don’t know much about our own history, nor care. Nowadays it’s the thugs vs. anti-WTO ‘rioters,’ so not much has changed.

    What’s also interesting is how seriously a firebrand takes an offhand comment about a ridiculous concept. And it’s the village who decides who their idiot is, normally choosing the one who seems a little too different. In a village of firebrands, which mine seems to be, the title is an honor.

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