Robot Clock Latest Home Aid (Apr, 1934)

So, that woman took her electric toaster/heater into the shower? Not too bright.

Robot Clock Latest Home Aid

From furniture expositions in Chicago and London come these latest appliances for making housework more pleasant. A robot alarm clock that pours hot tea; midget radio in the kitchen stove; davenport makes 3 chairs; handy electric heater; and clothes line cleaner.

DAVENPORT CHAIRS which can be used together as an ordinary davenport, or separated to make 2 or 3 comfortable overstuffed chairs.

ROBOT ALARM CLOCK automatically makes a cup of tea, turns on room lights, and then rings alarm to awaken sleeper.

STOVE RADIO built into modernistic kitchen ‘electric range plays while the kettle sings —another step in making housework more of a pleasure. Lamp is also built-in.

CLEANER for clothes line contains two small brushes which clean dust and dirt from endless type of clothes line.

HEATER unit of chrome finish steel meets all cooking needs.

Frying-pan-like heat unit is combined with grill rack, roaster pan, or Dutch oven cover.

  1. albear says: January 30, 20089:10 am

    Yes! using the dangerous looking electric pan as a bathroom heater is a brilliant idea.

  2. Sporkinum says: January 30, 200810:39 am

    Who would of thought of using an electric skillet as a space heater? Some of these ideas astound me.

  3. nlpnt says: January 30, 20083:59 pm

    I’d love to have the all-mechanical “robot” alarm clock, except in a model that looks a bit less squared-off and more steampunkish.

  4. Stannous says: January 30, 20088:09 pm

    If someone had asked me when sectional furniture was first developed I’d have been of by a few decades.

    I’ve seen one of those radio stoves but it no longer worked- the tubes were coated in several years of grease.

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