Robot Florist Dispenses Street Bouquets After Shops Close (Aug, 1935)

Robot Florist Dispenses Street Bouquets After Shops Close

AN AUTOMATIC flower-vending machine is the latest aid for the husband who chronically forgets the occasion of his wife’s birthday or the wedding anniversary until after the flower shops have closed.

Located at strategic points in Berlin’s shopping center, the newly-introduced vendor carries a plentiful supply of fresh cut flowers which, like gum and candy, are dispensed by depositing a coin in the slot. As a further convenience, the bouquets are wrapped when delivered.

  1. Stannous says: July 23, 200710:15 pm

    Yet another 1930s German vending machine!

  2. blast says: July 24, 200710:05 pm

    The Japanese have these, ostensibly for the use of the tipsy salaryman on his way home from the bars…

  3. Flower Vending Machine says: January 11, 20106:11 pm

    This is a nice discovery for me, to see people thought about flower vending machines at 1935

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