Robot Manicurist Among New Home Aids (May, 1934)

Robot Manicurist Among New Home Aids

MANICURING machine shaves fingernails, polishes (hem, and speeds up milady’s manicure in many other ways. Flexible drive shaft is connected to small electric motor in cabinet.

PITCHER with inner glass container for ice cubes cools beverages quickly, holds five pints.

WASHER, wringer, and ironer combined in one unit takes up no more space than ordinary washer. Only one motor is necessary.

PEELER resembling hand power lathe pares potatoes, apples, and other vegetables uniformly, shaving off very thin layer. Potato is peeled quickly by turning handle.

INITIALS which can be ironed onto any cloth material, and will withstand laundering, are now available.

  1. Hirudinea says: August 18, 20118:29 am

    Is that manicure machine a Dremel?

  2. Charlene says: August 18, 20119:21 am

    Same idea, but slower – and more expensive.

  3. Tim says: August 18, 201111:09 am

    In the 1930s, anything with an electric motor in it was called a robot.

  4. Stephen Edwards says: August 18, 20117:43 pm

    Seventy years later, there really are robot manicurists:…

  5. Repack Rider says: August 18, 20118:35 pm

    My wife uses a slightly more complicated version of the helical peeler to peel, core and slice apples for pies.

  6. Devak says: August 19, 201112:54 am

    Those old wringer washers were nothing but a very dangerous hazard. Your hair, hands, fingers clothes could easily get caught in the rollers. Glad they’re gone……

  7. Don F says: August 19, 20114:52 am

    Not a Dremel; more like a Foredom, with a motor in a box, a flexible shaft, and the rotary tool on a handpiece . . . .

  8. Sean says: August 19, 20115:06 am

    Those iron-on initials would be pretty cool. I could think of a lot of uses for something like that.

  9. G. L. Tyrebyter says: August 22, 20113:08 am

    NO! NO! NO! – The LADY is the robot manicurist. She is giving the robot the manicure. Why a robot would need a manicure, I don’t know why she should do this!

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