Robots in Ragtime (Sep, 1951)

Robots in Ragtime
THE Japanese have come up with something new in toys. It’s a mechanical orchestra and its tinny music has captured the hearts of the youngsters.

Jiro Aizawa, an ex-Kamikaze plane designer, is the creator. Loath to discard his mechanical training after the war, he turned to experimentation with robots, a subject in which he had long been interested. His results are quite amazing.

The orchestra’s actual music is produced by a phonograph record synchronized with the movements of the players. In its repertoire are: Buttons and Bows, Beer Barrel Polka and Rumba Tamba.

  1. jayessell says: September 4, 20067:30 am

    Ex-Kamakazi plane designer as opposed to Ex-Kamakazi plane operator.
    Big difference.

  2. Stannous says: September 4, 20068:55 am

    C’mon, he’s breathing second-hand smoke from that robot so he’s ‘sorta’ committing suicide…

    Still at it years later:
    (This is a transcript of an AP newsreel)
    Japan: Tokyo – 25 February 1964
    (Life Size Robot goes to Market)

    Robot, inventor Jiro Aizawa and assistant
    Hand inside robot
    Robot, Aizawa and asst with controls
    Robot pushing baby carriage down street
    Robot’s head
    Movement of feet, tilt up to robot’s face
    Robot and carriage outside store
    Robot with shop asst
    Robot blinks eyes
    Assistant fills shopping basket of robot
    AA same
    Robot amidst crowd of children
    AA same
    Robot moves thru children, asst in foreground
    Assistant with controls
    Robot, pan to smiling children

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