ROBOTS That Work For A Coin (Nov, 1938)

That is a really large ice machine.

ROBOTS That Work For A Coin

PUT a coin in the slot and get your shoes shined, see a movie, pay the installment on the washing machine or get a scalp massage. There is hardly an amusement nor a personal service rendered mechanically that hasn’t been put on a coin-in-the-slot basis. Coin-operated pool tables and even fly-casting pools with metered illumination for evening use are among the latest applications, a few of which are shown on this page.

  1. Sean says: April 6, 20118:56 am

    Its funny, no mention of food and drink, the kings of all modern coin-op

  2. John says: April 6, 20119:25 am

    Not funny at all, by the time this article came out food and drink vending machines were old news…

  3. Jari says: April 6, 20119:31 am

    I guess, that ice boxes were still commonly used, despite electric refrigerators gaining.

  4. Hirudinea says: April 6, 20119:48 am

    Ah for the days when you could get a gallon of gas for a quarter!

  5. Charlene says: April 6, 20112:19 pm

    @Jari Iceboxes were big until ca. 1946. By 1953 all but a handful of ice companies had folded.

  6. Chris Radcliff says: April 7, 20111:50 pm

    @Hirudinea: A quarter in 1938 dollars would be worth about $3.92 today.

    (source: Wolfram|Alpha)

    Still, there was probably a significant markup for emergency service. Also: I bet the robots themselves never saw a penny of that money. Exploitation! 🙂

  7. Hirudinea says: April 7, 20112:19 pm

    @Chris Radcliff: Hey I just bought gas for $5.82 a gallon so $3.92 sounds like a fantastic deal to me! (Converted from Liters to Imperial Gallons and Canadian Dollars to American Dollars. 🙂

  8. Christoph says: April 7, 201111:36 pm

    How are these simple devices “robots”? They’re about as smart as my (mechanical) thermostat. I guess the bar was a lot lower those days…

  9. Jari says: April 8, 201110:11 am

    @Hirudinea, Chris Radcliff: ….$8.47 for a gallon….. (EUR->USD->Litre->USG)… “deep sigh”…. Thanks to the high fuel tax in here.

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