“Rocket” Car Air Propelled (Aug, 1936)

“Rocket” Car Air Propelled
TO demonstrate the principle which he desires to try out in dirigible aircraft, Thomas M. Pinley has built the strikingly novel machine at the left. On a Ford chassis, he has erected the tunnel-like structure in which a two-bladed 46-inch airplane propeller rotates, sucking in air at the front and ejecting it at the back. The tunnel tapers toward the rear to give added propulsion—what the inventor calls “rocket” thrust. The car can be operated also in the usual manner, through its regular transmission, from the same engine. The rocket car is said to ride very easily; its rear fins tend to raise it from the ground and lessen the force of bumps, while giving more steadiness.

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  1. Neil Russell says: January 18, 20087:21 am

    Just don’t reach for something in the back seat!!

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