“Rocket” Car Goes 40 M.P.H. (Oct, 1937)

“Rocket” Car Goes 40 M.P.H.
EQUIPPED with a one-cylinder motor that provides propulsion based on the theory of the fluid rocket, a novel midget car has been developed by Millet, famous Paris engineer. On its trial runs, the three-wheeler car is said to have attained speeds exceeding 40 m.p.h. The all-metal car is bullet-like in its appearance.

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  1. Roger Knights says: January 9, 20082:01 pm

    Here’s an item I urge you to keep your eye peeled for: The original story about the rocket car–the source of all the legends that followed.

    I came upon this in a 1946 or 1948 magazine of that type that I’d bought at a yard sale. I tore it out and mailed it to the head of the organization that hands out the Darwin Awards: someone in London with an Indian name. (I’ve lost track of it now.) I unfortunately didn’t make a Xerox copy.

    Anyway, the story was a half-page item, half of it text and half a photo, of an old-timey boxy car with two JATO rockets strapped to it that someone–it may have been one of the armed forces–was using for testing, or for sport. I can’t remember. I believe the location was in the southwest.

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