Room for the whole darn tribe! (Mar, 1958)

That family sure is white! Also, I don’t care how many “convenient steps” are on the tail-gate, I still can’t seem grandma climbing into the back seat.

Room for the whole darn tribe!

There’s heap plenty room in a new De Soto wagon—room for a tribe or a tepee! And look how much more De Soto gives you for your wampum!

NEW LOOK! De Soto wagons are styled sleek and low for the country club . . . they’re built rugged for the ranch!

NEW ENGINE! De Soto’s new Turboflash V-8 engine is the first in a new breed of power plants! This giant is powerful, quiet and thrifty, even on short trips around town.

NEW RIDE! De Soto’s Torsion-Aire suspension gives you the smoothest ride on the road . . . takes you around corners without lean or sway . . . lets you stop without nose-dive. And it’s standard equipment on all 16 De Soto models.

Without reservation, a De Soto is your best station wagon buy. See your De Soto dealer today.

Three wonderful ways to go DeSoto!

FIRESWEEP… big-value leader for 1958. FIREDOME …smart new pacemaker, FIREFLITE … the ultimate in luxury.

the exciting look and feel of the future

  1. Jim says: March 7, 201112:45 pm

    If the actual Native Americans all had Lugers, things would look a lot different nowadays…

  2. Christoph says: March 7, 20111:11 pm

    That is a very white family indeed.

  3. Toronto says: March 7, 20111:13 pm

    No, Grandma goes on the roof rack, wrapped in a blanket.

    Doesn’t anyone read the classics anymore?

    Heap big sterotype collection there. “Without reservation” is the topper.

  4. Charlene says: March 7, 20112:08 pm

    People just don’t dress to match their car interiors any more.

  5. Jari says: March 7, 20112:33 pm

    Charlene: I think it went out of fashion at sixties. Think about red/white vinyl, leopard patter faux fur seat covers, and of course the classic: Corinthian Leather.

  6. Hirudinea says: March 7, 20116:00 pm

    Packing 4 kids and 3 adults into a station wagon for a long trip, gives a whole new to “Trial of tears”!

  7. Hirudinea says: March 7, 20116:00 pm

    new meaning I ment to say!

  8. Wayne Johnston says: March 7, 20116:02 pm

    Stereotypes aside, the real whopper in the copy is “This giant is powerful, quiet and thrifty, even on short trips around town.” According to www.automobile-catalog…. this beast got an average combined fuel economy of 24.4 l/100km / 13.5 mpg (imp.) / 11.2 mpg (U.S.). 11 mpg is hardly whay I’d call thrifty, even in the era of cheap gas.

  9. Mike says: March 7, 20116:33 pm

    When I was a kid the only way to travel was in the “way back”. Of course my father used to sit me in his lap and let me “drive” when we were on the thruway. Now of course we can’t do it because we all fear for our own safety.

  10. John says: March 7, 20117:48 pm

    Hirudinea: Trail of tears I think you mean.

  11. carlm says: March 8, 20111:54 am

    They had the FIRESWEEP, FIREDOME and FIREFLITE. I guess what put DeSoto out of business is when they came up with the FIRETRAP.

  12. Kosher Ham says: March 8, 20118:56 pm

    Desoto only lasted until 1959.

  13. John says: March 8, 20119:25 pm

    Kosher Ham: 1960 actually, with the last model made for 1961

  14. Yoda says: April 25, 20118:55 pm

    Mom buys Clorox by the wagonload.

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