Rose Glasses on Chickens Reduce Fighting (Dec, 1938)

Rose Glasses on Chickens Reduce Fighting
There was murder going on in a New Jersey penitentiary yard. The prison chickens were killing each other. One after another, the young White Leghorns would fight among themselves to the death. Nothing was effective in preventing the quarrels until the warden tried putting rose-colored glasses on the birds. That stopped the fighting instantly. The Leghorns, the only fighters in the poultry lot, now are all equipped with aluminum-framed spectacles with center pieces extending in front of the bill.

  1. fluffy says: June 27, 200712:17 pm

    Rose-colored glasses make everything look nicer and happier.

  2. Rick Auricchio says: June 27, 20073:57 pm

    I recall seeing an article several years ago about red contact lenses for roosters.

    I think the result was the same, though it seemed like a pain to insert the lenses. Obviously the roosters won’t be doing it themselves.

  3. Village Idiot says: June 30, 200711:13 am

    The “prison chickens?!?”

  4. ? says: June 13, 200812:18 pm

    can you buy the chickens

  5. Mike says: July 12, 20084:03 pm

    I read something on this and I thought it increased the number of eggs hens laid.
    Maybe it was red lighting in the hen house.

  6. Alan says: August 20, 20107:56 am

    I wonder if we were to put rose colored glasses on people if that would help solve some of the world’s problems. Alan

  7. jayessell says: August 20, 20109:45 am

    Let’s try it on the bulls next!

  8. Jen says: December 23, 20116:43 am

    Lol chickens are naturally cannibalistic. Rose colored glassed would neutralize the color of blood and prevent injured chickens from getting pecked to death by the other chickens.

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