Rosicrucians Ad: Are you a ROBOT? (Jan, 1933)


DARE you throw off the shackles of tradition and orthodoxy? Do you close your eyes and say, “What was good enough for those before me is good enough for me?”

For centuries the knowledge about himself has been kept from man— suppressed. Today the Rosicrucians. a NON-RELIGIOUS Brotherhood, offer every man and woman the opportunity of a frank study of life’s mysteries. Do you know the facts about thought formation. Law of vibration, life on other planets, whether there is a soul?

Fascinating Free Book

Write today to the address below and receive the FREE book “The Wisdom of the Sages.” It will tell you how you may share this knowledge and achieve real happiness. Address: SCRIBE P.C.I.
Just a reminder—The Rosicrucian Brotherhood is NON-RELIGIOUS

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  1. Screenshot: A Weblog says: January 9, 20072:34 pm

    Are you a robot?…

    I’ve got robots on the brain this month, so this link via J (who got it from Digg I think) is apropos – old advertisements with robots in them. I actually think that the first one on the page is……

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