Rosicrucians Ad: Will Man Create Life? (Apr, 1950)

I’ve read this ad three times now and I still have no idea what they are saying. Though I must say that the “good” future they present sounds a lot like what post-singularity transhumans are supposed to be like:

Will the future know a superior, Godlike race of humans—each a genius and each the masterful creation of an unerring formula”

If the formula is unerring, wouldn’t everyone be identical? How is this different from the second option? Also, how can everyone be a genius? That’s sort of like saying everyone will be above average.

And why does the creation of life always require giant tesla coils?

Will Man Create Life?

DOES THE SECRET of life belong to Divinity alone?

Will Nature’s last frontier give way to man’s inquiring mind? Can man become a creator, peopling the world with creatures of his own fancy? Was the ancient sage right, who said: “To the Gods the Soul belongs, but to man will belong the power of Life”? Will the future know a superior, Godlike race of humans—each a genius and each the masterful creation of an unerring formula—or will Soulless beings, shorn of the feelings which have bound mortals together in understanding, dominate the earth?

For centuries, man has dared to invade realms which theology has declared sacred. He has revealed the secret of organic functions and measured the forces of mind— now, breathlessly, he tears at the veil which conceals the nature of life itself. Will this be his crowning achievement—or his utter annihilation?

It is one of the greatest controversies of the day. Orthodox religion pronounces it a diabolical experiment —some schools of science declare it possible and justifiable.

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