Rubber-Balloon Globe Puts the World in Your Pocket (Jun, 1942)

Rubber-Balloon Globe Puts the World in Your Pocket

CARRYING the world in your pocket is no task with this balloon globe designed to keep you abreast of world events. The rubber balloon can be inflated by three or four lungfuls to a diameter of eight inches. The neck is then twisted and passed through a slot in the cardboard disk which is used as a base. The globe’s scale is approximately one inch for 800 miles. To put the world back in your pocket, just pull its neck out of the slot in the base and let the air escape.

  1. Stephen says: May 15, 20136:14 am

    Many “latest inventions” went down deservedly into obscurity; sometimes this page turns up something that would later become ubiquitous; but this is one of the few examples of a forgotten invention that I think should have become popular. There’s no real substitute for a globe, and this allows you to have one to hand without it cluttering up the place all the time. I have seen beach-ball type inflatable globes, made of several pieces of plastic welded together, but they aren’t as spherical when inflated.

  2. experiment 626 says: May 15, 201310:18 am

    I thought The US stopped production of rubber consumer goods such as this by the time this was printed I thought.

  3. Toronto says: May 15, 20136:29 pm

    @Stephen – I’ve had several of those inflatables. They used to be a popular “swag” at trade shows. The south pacific ocean apparently has a large black area with various slogans appearing in white, such as “UNIX International” or “Free BSD”. It’s odd that Commander Hadfield’s videos never picked up on it.

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