Rubber Clubs Add Zest to Golf (Jun, 1930)

Rubber Clubs Add Zest to Golf

A NEW type of rubber driver holds the interest of Harvey Firestone, Sr., rubber magnate, shown here with James Thomson, of New York, at Ormond Beach, Fla. This is the type of club which Mr. Firestone is using in his play against the elder John D. Rockefeller. The head of the driver is faced with wood over lead filling.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: March 27, 20082:48 pm

    Weren’t these invented by Charlie Chaplin?

  2. Tom Higgins says: March 2, 20108:44 pm

    Jim Thompson was the golf professional at Mohawk Golf Club in Schenectady from the 20’s through the early 70’s. He was highly regarded for his expertise, not only for the game, but for golf course design. Jim was a proponent of women’s golf in his era, befriending many of the top name women professionals of the time. He designed the Municipal Golf Course for the city during the depression, a WPA project I believe. He also was involved with a number of other courses in the area. Like many pros at the time, he summered in Florida which is where he probably met up with Harvey.
    I always take pride in the fact that I had my first golf lesson from Jim when I was 13 years old. He never had me try the rubber shafted driver, but I did learn the “old school” golf swing. As Schenectady Municipal is my home course, I always enjoy telling people how Jim has contributed to the game I love.

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