Rubber Lungs for Iron (Feb, 1938)

This is a weird picture. She’s wearing a very short skirt, heels and appears to have a deep sea diver bursting out of her stomach.

Rubber Lungs for Iron

The research laboratories of an Ohio tire company have developed a new respirator, made of rubber, which it is hoped will replace the heavy and uncomfortable “iron lung” now used in medical cases where the patient’s lung muscles have become useless through infantile paralysis or other disease. The new device leaves the patients arms and legs free, whereas the older and clumsier device enclosed them in a rigid structure. The new “rubber lung” by alternating vacuum and slight pressure on the chest will lift and lower the patient’s chest walls, replacing useless chest muscles in breathing.

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  1. Hirudinea says: November 13, 20126:31 pm

    I can see the use of this, considering that positive ventilation used today can be hard on some people.

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