Rumble Seat on Handle Bar for Cyclist’s Baby (Nov, 1938)

That looks safe.

Rumble Seat on Handle Bar for Cyclist’s Baby

When one proud father in Switzerland wants to take the baby for an airing, he fits a special rumble seat on the handle bar of his bicycle and away they go. The seat is equipped with a top to protect baby from sun or shower, but the top can be folded when desired.

  1. Jim Dunn says: November 20, 20079:17 am

    You know, even when I used to ride on the handlebars of a bike, or ride somebody else on the handlebars, I knew it was a really stupid idea. Didn’t stop me from doing it, but I knew it was stupid. And I don’t think even my young and stupid self would have ever done this. Yikes-a-hootie, as Letterman would say.

  2. sweavo says: November 21, 20072:49 am

    I call these designs “Darwin-complete” and I am in support of more of this sort of thing.

  3. spielberg says: June 27, 20095:26 pm

    Damn, now everybody knows where i took the idea for E.T.!!

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