Rumpus-Room Clock (Oct, 1941)

Rumpus-Room Clock
IF THE game room must have a clock—and time is all too likely to pass unnoticed there if none is provided—let it by all means be an amusing one. The smiling gentleman illustrated will tactfully remind you and your guests when it’s time to call it a day, and just as cheerfully welcome you back again for hours of fun. He can be kept on the home bar, on one of the shelves behind it, or wherever he will be in plain sight.

White pine will do nicely, and if no 2″ thick stock is on hand thinner material can be glued up to that size. Lay out the figure on 1″ squares, then saw out the opening for the clock. An electric one is ideal, of course. The base or legs will probably have to be removed. Hollow out the figure from the back, if necessary, for any projecting parts.

Band-saw or otherwise cut out the body, making certain that the feet are flat and square so that the figure will stand firmly. With a sharp chisel, cut back the face, the hat above the brim, and the arms and shoulders about 1/8″. The hands are further recessed about 1/16″. Insert the nose and eyes. Make a shallow cut for the mouth, and glue on the small blocks at the feet.

After sanding smooth all over, apply two thin coats of shellac, sanding lightly again after each. Paint as in the photograph, or with stripes or checks if an even more comical effect is wanted. The boutonniere, tie, and fingers are simply painted on. Approximate working time, 3 hours.

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  1. 【女を狂ったように落とす・もてるモテテクニック】…


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