SAFE-T-BELT (May, 1954)

SAFE-T-BELT holds driver and passenger firmly in seal, prevents injury in minor accidents. Bolted to car’s floor, it is easily installed. The Rapid Tool & Mfg. Co.. Grand Rapids, Mich.

  1. Neil Russell says: October 26, 20106:30 am

    That won’t catch on, it just implies that the car is unsafe

  2. Kosher Ham says: October 26, 201011:01 am

    Actually I can remember my father retrofitting our 1959 Ford with seat belts.

  3. Toronto says: October 26, 20102:21 pm

    Our ’65 Pontiac had them in front but not in the back. My father installed them in back after a co-worker’s car was upended in a big pileup and the kids had some injuries.

  4. Andrew L. Ayers says: October 26, 20102:28 pm

    Considering it looks like its only a lapbelt, it’ll hold you firmly in place to jacknife right into the non-collapsing steering column for proper “impalement”. I guess ultimately for minor accidents, it was probably better than nothing…

  5. Toronto says: October 26, 20102:36 pm

    AA: Exactly. And if you recall the early shoulder belts, they were a real pain to use. They didn’t retract (nor did lap belts) so you usually had some clips over the windows to hold them out of the way – and they were front seat only. A real bother in a 2-door car.

  6. hwertz says: October 26, 20107:54 pm

    It’s remarkable to me that here’s an add-on belt available in 1954, “the big 3” started offering them as options starting with Ford in 1955, and it took just until 1968 for them to be mandatory in all vehicles.

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