Safety Belt Makes Chair Safe Seat for Child (Apr, 1942)

Is this a safety device or an instrument of torture? It seems pretty cruel to strap the kid into a chair so that when his toy falls on the ground, which it undoubtedly will, it rests just out of reach. Also, I’m sure that if he tries hard enough the boy could find a way to strangle himself.

Safety Belt Makes Chair Safe Seat for Child

IF it weren’t for the safety belt holding him to the chair, Jimmie, here, would probably take a spill in his efforts to reach that toy horse. Then some one would have to pick him up and put him back. It could go on for hours. But all this can be eliminated by use of a recently patented safety strap which fits over his shoulders and around his waist like a double Sam Browne belt. The ends are securely attached to the chair legs. The strap allows him plenty of movement, yet prevents him from toppling.

  1. huh says: July 14, 20085:15 am

    This is closer to child abuse than safety.

  2. Mark says: March 29, 20094:28 pm

    What happens when the chair turns over?

  3. darren says: November 14, 20103:45 pm

    If he wasn’t strapped in chances are he will retrieve the toy by himself. Sure maybe he will take a tumble the first time. Kids are pretty smart and learn their limitations. Strapping him in now guarantees he will cry everytime, and constantly.

    Also there is a risk (somehow) of strangulation.

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