Safety Tail Light Shows Direction Motorist Intends to Turn (Aug, 1931)

Safety Tail Light Shows Direction Motorist Intends to Turn
THE frequency of motor accidents may be lessened considerably when a new automatic tail light exhibited recently at the International Patent exhibition comes into widespread use. The turning of the steering wheel of the device, shown at the right, flashes on a light in the rear that indicates to following motorists which way the driver will turn, thus preventing confusion and delay.

  1. Don says: May 19, 201010:24 am

    Is that her knee hanging out next to the L? And why is the L to her right?? And wha’s she ON??? Some kind of pharmaceuticals, it looks like . . . .

  2. Christopher says: May 19, 201011:29 am

    Well THAT’LL never catch on.

  3. Rick Auricchio says: May 19, 201011:38 am

    Don, it appears to be just some demonstration rig, which is why the rear directional signal is mounted on the front.

  4. Rick Auricchio says: May 19, 201011:39 am

    Christopher, from the way some people drive, you wouldn’t think their cars came with directional signals as standard equipment.

  5. Toronto says: May 19, 201012:07 pm

    Actually, the way some people drive, it DOES appear that their signals are connected to their steering wheel. How about signalling BEFORE you start to turn, people?

    And when did driving side-saddle die out?

  6. Charlene says: May 19, 201012:10 pm

    What is wrong with her leg?!?

  7. fluffy says: May 19, 20101:39 pm

    Maybe in another 80 years people will finally know how to use them.

  8. Mike says: May 19, 20103:56 pm

    There is a big difference between the direction they intend to turn and the direction they actually turn.

  9. Rick Auricchio says: May 19, 20105:59 pm

    Charlene, I think that’s just the shadow near the back of her leg. And, in 1931, stockings would have dark seams down the back of the leg.

  10. Toronto says: May 19, 20106:53 pm

    Mike: I think it was Al Jafee who once wrote and illustrated an article in MAD magazine about inventions that *should* exist. One was a mechanism that forced a car to turn whichever way the turn signal said it was going to. (He also illustrated the likely outcome of such a device – a “P” turn.)

  11. Bela says: May 20, 201012:57 am

    She’s driving sidesaddle. I guess that’s how proper ladies drove back then.

  12. Scott B. says: May 21, 20107:23 am

    Correct, Bela. You’re seeing both her calves, her left one tucked behind her right one, her left calf sort of “squishing” her right calf a bit so it looks a little flat and weird.

  13. GaryM says: May 21, 20107:29 am

    So if you pulled to the left because you needed to make a wide right turn or avoid an obstacle, it would show a left turn signal. I can see why that didn’t catch on.

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