Salesman Hoists Auto Nine Stories to Reach Prospect (Feb, 1930)

Salesman Hoists Auto Nine Stories to Reach Prospect

WHEN Edward Horton, stage and talkie star, would not grant an interview to Ralph Johnson, Los Angeles automobile salesman, who wanted to sell Horton a car, the salesman tried various means of reaching the star. He was persistently put off and couldn’t even get Horton to look at his car. Being reared in the Go-Getter School for Salesmen, Johnson solved his problem. He had his car hoisted to the ninth floor window of Horton’s hotel and there he put over a sales talk that, coupled with the appearance of the car, sold the actor the job.

  1. Stephen says: October 20, 20119:15 am

    Looks like a scene from Harold Lloyd’s “Safety Last”!

  2. Hirudinea says: October 20, 20111:51 pm

    “So how fast will it go from 0 to 60?”

    “I don’t know, lets cut the rope and find out!”

    @Stephen – Funny movie.

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