Salvaged Bomb Makes Juvenile Space Ship (Jul, 1955)

Salvaged Bomb Makes Juvenile Space Ship
Its central structure a discarded 500-pound aerial bomb, a juvenile “space ship” gives two-foot-power transportation to Gene Montoya of Honolulu. The space ship was built by Gene’s father, D. L. Montoya, in a single week end at a cost of less than a dollar. The surplus bomb is lined with rubber padding and the wire wheels are from another juvenile vehicle.

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  2. Trym says: November 6, 20087:43 am

    thats an awsome dad, but… a bomb…

  3. Baron Waste says: November 7, 20084:05 am

    “Another juvenile vehicle” – a stroller, from the look of it.

  4. Eliyahu says: March 4, 20091:37 pm

    Where can I get one of those surplus 500 pound bombs for a dollar? 🙂

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