San Francisco to Have World’s Greatest Bridges (Mar, 1931)

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San Francisco to Have World’s Greatest Bridges

SAN FRANCISCO, isolated for years on a narrow peninsula, is to be linked at last to the mainland at the north and east. Next April, construction will start on the Golden Gate Bridge —greatest suspension bridge ever built, and the first to span the outermost entrance to a great harbor. Its 4,200-foot central span makes one giant leap to connect the metropolis with Sausalito and points in northern California, outspanning New York’s new Hudson River Bridge by 700 feet. Meanwhile plans are going forward on the San Francisco Bay Bridge. This seven-and-one-half-mile structure is another world-record-breaker, for length. The drawings on these pages, prepared from the official plans, show how these huge spans will look when completed. One feature of each bridge is its record height.

  1. Richard says: October 4, 20119:21 am

    The Golden Gate bridge was built pretty much as that plan shows, except the toll plaza at the San Francisco end, along with the arch over Fort Point, are significantly different from shown. Also, there are no observatories for tourists at the top of the towers (I wish!). And the bridge is painted “International Orange” instead of the silvery aluminum color described here.

    The Oakland Bay Bridge, on the other hand, was built very differently from what’s depicted here. The route is close to accurate, but the west span was built as two suspension bridges with an anchorage in the center, while the east span was built with a cantilever/superstructure that is vaguely similar to what’s depected in this drawing’s west span. There is a tunnel through the island in the middle, rather than a cut as depicted.

  2. Toronto says: October 4, 201110:16 am

    You don’t have to stop in Sausalito. I prefer to think of it as the “gateway to Novato.”

  3. David Johnson says: October 4, 201112:37 pm

    “Also, there are no observatories for tourists at the top of the towers” I suspect someone realized that would end up promoting idiots to park in the middle of the bridge to go visit the observation deck.

  4. Devak says: October 5, 201110:04 am

    According to engineering studies the span is still in excellent condition.

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