The day of the grimy roller towel is fast vanishing. Hotels, restaurants and other public places where washrooms are a necessity are installing the automatic hot-air drier shown at left.

The press of a foot pedal is all that is necessary to operate the device. A steady blast of hot air is forced from the nozzle. By massaging the wet hands for several seconds, the drying process is facilitated. The hands are thus dried faster and in a more thorough manner than if a clean towel were used.

Health authorities throughout the country are advising the installation of this machine in all public wash rooms. Prevention of a great amount of disease that is now spread through the use of unsanitary towels will thus be possible.

  1. Hirudinea says: May 18, 20122:51 pm

    I hate these things, they never get your hands completely dry.

  2. Mick Canick says: May 19, 20127:20 am

    I can’t believe hot air dryers have been around that long. I remember when they got really popular with the don’t use paper, “save the trees” people. I know Dyson vacuums make some very powerful air dryers. They are all over Washington DC. The air jet isn’t all that warm but so powerful it pushes all the water off your skin.

    I remember those roll cloth towel machines, I thought they were really unsanitary and couldn’t believe they were in use. I saw one in Hieds Hot Dogs in Syracuse NY during the 70s. The place has been around forever.

  3. Charlie says: May 19, 20124:47 pm

    The new ones do. If I ever buy a house the first question I need to answer is Xlerator or Airblade. I love these things.

  4. Hirudinea says: May 20, 20129:51 am

    @ Charlie – Call me old fashion but its towels (paper in public, cotton at home) for me, I’m a capillary action!

  5. Zeppflyer says: May 21, 20124:38 am

    And it only took about 75 years to make one that worked….. (Dyson, Airblade, etc.)

    There were few things more likely to give me a bad impression of a restaurant than running into a restroom with spilled food on my shirt and finding, not a friendly paper towel dispenser, but a useless white box within which, apparently, a butterfly flickered its wings in the general direction of a smoldering candle.

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