Sanitary Protection must be inconspicuous (Aug, 1930)

Sanitary Protection must be inconspicuous

That’s why most women prefer Kotex

Kotex now has rounded, tapered corners which eliminate awkward bulges and assure a snug, firm fit.

THERE are times when you hesitate to enjoy sports to the fullest… unless you know about Kotex.

Kotex is the sanitary pad that is designed for inconspicuous protection. The corners are rounded and tapered. Sides, too, are rounded. It gives you complete security and ease of mind.

Wear Kotex without a worry, then, under any frock you possess. Wear it for sports or with filmiest evening things—and retain the cool poise so essential to charm.

Light, cool, comfortable There’s another way in which this careful shaping brings wonderful relief. There’s no unneeded bulk to pack and chafe. No awkward bulges to grow terribly uncomfortable.

Kotex is always light, always cool, always comfortable. This is largely due to its remarkable filler — Cellucotton (not cotton) absorbent wadding. Cellucotton is five times more absorbent than cotton. This means your Kotex pad can be five times lighter than any cotton pad, with the same absorbency and protection.

America’s leading hospitals—85% of them—choose this same absorbent for important surgical work.

Kotex deodorizes . . . keeps you dainty and immaculate at times when that is particularly essential. It is so easily disposed of.

You owe it to your comfort and good health to use this modern, safe, sanitary protection. Kotex is available everywhere. Kotex Company, Chicago, 111.


1. 85% of our leading hospitals use the very same absorbent of which Kotex is made.
2. Kotex is soft… not a deceptive softness that soon packs into chafing hardness. But a delicate, fleecy softness that lasts for hours.
3. Safe, secure… keeps your mind at ease.
4. Deodorizes . .. safely, thoroughly, by a special process.
5. Disposable, instantly, completely.

Regular Kotex—45c for 12
Kotex Super-Size—65c for 12

Also regular size singly in vending cabinets through West Disinfecting Co.

Ask to see the KOTEX BELT and KOTEX SANITARY APRON at any drug, dry goods or department store.


The New Sanitary Pad which deodorizes

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  1. Johnny Q says: April 28, 20101:08 pm

    I love the term “filmiest evening things”… “yes, dear, that dress.. it sure *is* filmy…”

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