OCEAN travelers who must have a horse-back ride before breakfast, are now accommodated on the Cunard liner Franconia. The gymnasium of that boat is equipped with several trotters, all run by little electric motors which are adjustable to produce any gait from a canter to a wild gallop. Side saddles for ladies are provided, in addition to the regulation Western saddle with high horn, which is convenient for the rider who has had too little experience with high spirited horses.

The apparatus is composed of an ordinary gymnasium “horse” on a special pedestal with a special riding saddle, operated by a motor through an eccentric arm. The gait of the mock animal is adjusted by changing the speed of the motor through a rheostat and by lengthening or shortening the eccentric arm. The device has proved so popular that it has been installed on other ships of the same line and is beginning to usurp the popularity formerly enjoyed by other gymnasium equipment.

  1. Hirudinea says: September 6, 20121:45 pm

    Is that woman riding side saddle?

  2. Stephen says: September 7, 20125:30 am

    The lady riding side-saddle looks as if she isn’t having a good day!

  3. JMyint says: September 7, 20129:13 am

    She probably wanted to ride regular.

  4. MitchA says: September 8, 201210:41 pm

    Considering the Lusitania (which was also a Cunard ship) was sunk by a German submarine in May of 1915 she probably wasn’t all that happy to be on the ship, side saddle or not.…

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