Scale in Soda-Fountain Seat Warns Overweight Patrons (Dec, 1938)

Scale in Soda-Fountain Seat Warns Overweight Patrons
Soda-fountain patrons may watch their weight as they enjoy their drinks and sundaes, with the invention of a counter seat that also serves as a scale. Through levers beneath the pedestal of the seat, the customer’s weight actuates an indicator built into the counter. By consulting the dial, customers can decide whether to order fattening foods.

  1. Blurgle says: April 8, 200811:25 pm

    I’m sure a lot of women chose THAT seat.

    A smart business owner would have it register ten pounds too little.

  2. Jilly says: April 9, 20085:50 am

    By the way that woman is sitting, it appears that one can have a free Pap Test at the same time.

  3. KoXa says: April 9, 20086:30 am

    So much for keeping your weight secret from the curious eyes of that waiter. Even those stacked bags won’t help you.

  4. nlpnt says: April 9, 20087:02 am

    Between the cost of basically rebuilding the diner to install these and the cost of maintaining a dozen or so of these machines (How do you access it for reapirs and adjustment? Without closing the whole lunch counter?), all for a machine that would DECREASE your sales….no wonder it didn’t catch on!

  5. dculberson says: April 9, 20085:59 pm

    I love the knowing glances that the customer and soda jerk are exchanging. No wonder they call ’em soda jerks.

  6. Thundercat says: April 9, 20088:00 pm

    Great marketing!

    Hey, since you’re already 20 pounds overweight, you might as well order an ice cream sundae.

  7. Sonatta says: April 10, 20086:00 pm

    unnecessary device for our time…everybody who consumes these things is already obese.

  8. Mark says: April 12, 20089:14 am

    Can you imagine McDonald’s installing these?

  9. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: August 19, 201012:23 am

    I can imagine the same health nannies that are trying to eliminate Happy Meals trying to force fast food places to install them. They’d be better off having mirrors in the place that make you look fat.

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