Scale-Model Railroader (Mar, 1951)

Scale-Model Railroader

MAYBE you’ve never noticed it but somewhere in every full-length Walt Disney picture there’s a railroad. This busy producer of animated cartoons belongs to that fast-growing group of executives who have adopted model railroading as their hobby.

Thus he keeps one jump ahead of his fellow hobbyists—he not only designs and builds his trains but draws ’em as well.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: June 29, 200812:31 pm

    Part of Walt Disney’s collection of live-steam model railroad equipment is still operating in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. The local club operates it periodically—something like one Sunday a month.

  2. Torgo says: June 30, 20085:33 pm

    I don’t remember a train in Bambi…

    But that’s a cool train he’s got there.

  3. darren says: November 17, 20107:47 pm

    Here’s a more recent photo of the train…

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