Scariest Recruitment Ad Ever (Jun, 1968)

Basically they are saying: “Choose the Army before the Army chooses you.”

This reminds me of mafia thugs demanding protection money and saying: “We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way.”

He just lost his chance to make a choice.

His induction notice caught him with his decisions down. He waited too long to choose Army.

If he had acted sooner, he would have had his pick of more than 300 jobs. And his choice would have been guaranteed in writing before he joined up.

So don’t wait. Choose your specialty and get the best training in the world. In an outfit you can be proud of. There’s no better way to become highly skilled. No better way to fulfill your military obligation.

Your future, your decision … choose ARMY.

  1. mlknchz says: September 10, 200711:33 am

    Actually, they’re saying “Since you HAVE to anyway, enlist and choose your field”. It’s really more akin to a doctor saying “If you’d gotten a check-up sooner, we would have had more options on how to treat this disease”.
    Is THAT “demanding protection money”?

  2. Charlie says: September 10, 20071:41 pm

    Because they are saying you HAVE to join the army. You can do it voluntarily and get perks, or we’ll force you to and then you get nothing. But either way, your ass is ours.

  3. Paul E says: November 9, 20077:02 am

    What is worse? You might wind up as a Marine!
    I actually went the US Army enlistment route in ’72. In retrospect, it was probably the best decision of my life. Watched the evacuation of Saigon on AFRTS in my barracks in Germany. Not a dry eye in the place, a lot of the guys had served there and lost buddies. A surprising number thought that we should go back and kick some ass.

  4. Landtat says: December 10, 20075:38 am

    Draft notice in one hand, map of Canada in the other.
    I was to young to go thank god, but was awash with it on TV. You would watch live killing from ‘Nam on the news while you were eating dinner. Oh the wonder years!

  5. Joseph says: June 12, 20086:11 pm

    Well, he COULD have joined the Navy…and wound up on a PBR with Cheif, Mr Clean, Chef, and Lance (the famous surfer)…

  6. Tony Anderson's Butt Sore says: April 24, 20099:51 pm

    >>>”Actually, they’re saying “Since you HAVE to anyway, enlist and choose your field”.”

    No, you fool. Not everyone got drafted.

  7. Toronto says: April 24, 200910:21 pm

    You’d think that paisley shirt would have protected him from the draft.

  8. Charlie says: April 26, 200911:22 pm

    Yeah, but that guy DID get drafted.

  9. Neil Russell says: April 27, 200912:03 am

    We’ve now had a couple of generations that don’t remember the joke about getting a letter from the President. The personal letter that starts with “Greetings”

    Used to bring down the house in the 50s. Unless you got the letter of course

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