Schlitz – IT MADE A CITY FAMOUS (May, 1942)


When you taste that famous Schlitz flavor, you will understand why it made its home town famous. A reputation like that doesn’t come just by chance. People who imagine that all beer is bitter get a pleasant surprise when they drink America’s most distinguished beer. Every day more people say, “I never knew that beer could taste so good.” There is no substitute for Schlitz — a beer so fine that it made a city famous.

Just THE KISS OF THE HOPS You don’t have to drink a bitter beer. Schlitz methods of brewing control capture only the delicate flavor of the hops, not their harsh bitterness. That’s one reason for that famous flavor found only in Schlitz. Taste Schlitz and you’ll never want to go back to a bitter beer.


Copyright 1942, Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co., Miliwaukee, Wis

  1. MikeB says: February 27, 201211:12 am

    Was this a way of reducing production costs by cutting down on the hops?

  2. Kosher Ham says: February 27, 201211:28 am

    It also spawned a joke about “Mel Faemy.”

  3. Jari says: February 27, 20121:55 pm

    If I see a bear with spectacles and graduation hat, I think that I have had enough beer for an evening….

  4. RS says: February 27, 20122:28 pm

    Schlitz is such a sad story.
    In college, as much as I remember, it was my favorite beer, especially by the pitcher.

    But they changed the hops to a cheaper extract and it just tasted flat.

    It seems that it disappeared overnight.

  5. EMFalk says: February 27, 20123:48 pm
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