Science in Pictures (Sep, 1947)

Science in Pictures

Plastic rowboat is made of glass mat and plastic resin. Unaffected by saltwater, it can be stored in any climate. It is nine feet long, weighs 80 lbs. and holds five persons.

Folding Car at right was designed for transportation to and from airports. Here, co-inventor Dick Jenner of Wichita, Kans., pulls it out of his plane’s baggage compartment.

Chair Chute above provides the protection of a parachute and eliminates many of its inconveniences. The chute looks like part of the upholstery and the harness can be tucked away out of sight.

British Taxi at right has smart limousine appearance and is beginning to brighten the streets of London. A dry sump is said to keep the engine oil cool.

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  1. Stephen Edwards says: September 12, 20125:56 pm

    Why, if it’s unaffected by saltwater and presumably not likely to leak, are the girls wearing swimsuits?

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