Science Stunts (Nov, 1953)

Science Stunts

The trick is to remove the slip of paper from under coin perched on lip of glass without disturbing coin. Bring forefinger down sharply against paper strip, half way between center of coin and finger holding other end of paper. Presto! Coin remains as paper is pulled away with downward thrust of forefinger of free hand. Small glass has greater curve to balance the coin.

If hard-cooked and raw eggs get mixed up in your refrigerator, just spin them in a dish to tell them apart. The hard eggs will spin; the raw eggs will dawdle and stop.

Fog-horn sound made by blowing across top of bottle will be repeated audibly in an identical bottle held slightly away from the ear of a second person.

Get ready for “matchbox magic” by making a tunnel of the opened outer casing of match box and placing the drawer on the far side of it. Challenge anyone to make the drawer come through the tunnel without touching anything! Now prove it can be done by cupping your hands behind drawer and blowing smartly into your palms. Vacuum created will pull drawer.

  1. Andrew L. Ayers says: May 28, 20109:51 pm

    Eddie Munster grown up?

  2. Mike says: May 29, 20101:39 am

    We don’t use the word “Presto” enough anymore.

  3. jayessell says: May 29, 20108:03 am

    ‘Presto’ is a Pixar short on the ‘Wall-E’ DVD.

  4. Kosher Ham says: May 30, 20102:41 pm

    How about abracadabra?

  5. jayessell says: May 30, 20105:33 pm

    That’s based on a progression.

    So it should really be aababcabcdabcaba.

  6. Toronto says: May 30, 20105:44 pm

    Said the monkey to the chimp.

  7. Firebrand38 says: May 30, 20106:11 pm

    jayessell: No it isn’t. It’s based on a triangle.

  8. Firebrand38 says: May 30, 20106:15 pm

    Toronto: You said it…

  9. Arglefarglebarglegleep says: June 17, 20102:06 pm

    There’s books of these ‘after dinner science’ tricks. If you look around used book stores you can find them if you’re really lucky. I was always amused by the grain silo explosion demo because of the mess it must have made, corn starch blasted around the room for a couple of yards.

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