Scientific Sleep Meter (Aug, 1936)

I had to do two sleep studies last year and I can tell you, they now collect just a bit more data. It is really amazing the number of wires and sensors they can stick on to you and then expect you to go to sleep.

Scientific Sleep Meter

AT the University of Chicago, Drs. Cooperman, Mullin and Kleitman have been studying sleep; and have reached the conclusion that the average person sleeps better with a cup of coffee just before retiring than without it. Also, that alcohol produces early sleep, but later wakefulness. The body’s temperature is decreasing while one begins a sleep, and rises while one is coming out of it. And only about a minute in each hour is devoted by the sleeper to stirring—at which times he can most easily be awakened. A loud speaker and volume control are used to measure the amount of waking required by the subject. The effects of noise, diet, alcohol, etc., are being studied systematically.

Sydney Titelbaum, graduate student and subject of sleep probe, punches the time clock to show just when he was awakened in the middle of the night. (International News Photos)

This clock-driven apparatus, connected to the bed, shows a jiggle every time the sleeper stirs opposite the hour and minute. A pen draws the record on a roll of paper.

  1. experiment 626 says: August 22, 20129:12 am

    Tell me about it! I have a portable EEG on right now and supposedly it is only one of four in all of CA but it is very hard to live my life with 26 wire coming out of a box I have to keep strapped on me for two days and on top of that having to have a video camera record me for those two days with a bright light making sleep hard and the entire thing keeping me from my life but hopefully it will answer the mysteries of me.

  2. Mick Canick says: August 22, 20121:58 pm

    We are going to hook all these wires up to you, put you in a strange bed, give you a hospital pillow, and come in every so often… but we want you to try and sleep just like you do at home.
    I asked the sleep center about people who work over nights, do they have sleep studies during the day for them. They told me the day sleepers have to change their routine and come in at night to try and sleep.

    But Charlie, I have to admit, the sleep mask helped. If you use one, make sure you replace it every three months along with the hose. I was starting to think it wasn’t working anymore and after I replaced everything I felt better again. (replace the “gasket” every month.

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