Scientists Approve High Heels (May, 1932)

Scientists Approve High Heels

REFORMERS who condemn high heels are themselves condemned in a recent scientific study reported to the Royal Society of Medicine, London. Instead of being unhealthful, high heels are actually easier on the body than low ones.

In spite of the present vogue of high heels, there is no evidence that corns, flat feet, or other disorders are increasing. Scientists have thus given heels over two inches high a clean bill of health.

  1. Ted says: October 18, 20099:12 pm

    Well, there it is, nice and tidy. Proof that no one should ever believe something just because a “Society” or similar body says so…

  2. Toronto says: October 18, 20099:59 pm

    But they still get stuck in the vent holes of the raised floor in the computer centre.

  3. StanFlouride says: October 20, 20091:18 am

    Wait, are these pumps for members of the Royal Society in 1932?
    Nowhere does it mention women wearing them and, this being England…

    Jus’ sayin’…

  4. jayessell says: October 20, 200912:05 pm

    Yes… they’re just fine.
    That’s why the Google Ad Robot selected
    these ads.

  5. LaurelKat says: August 17, 20104:17 pm

    Say that to my aching feet after I wear them for about twenty minutes…
    This research was obviously done by men who like high heels, and do not care of the REAL consequences. For women, high heels are not only painful, but dangerous to even the extent of breaking ones ankle. They also promote bad posture, and are bad for our bodies’ vertebra.

  6. Firebrand38 says: August 17, 20104:38 pm

    LaurelKat: Well, Duh! It’s not like there were a lot of women scientists in 1932.

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