Sea-Going Diner Pays No Taxes (Apr, 1948)

Sea-Going Diner Pays No Taxes


SAILORMEN of New York waters don’t die of thirst any- more, thanks to a new enterprise that pays no rent and no local taxes.

No, sir. When they’re a little parched they twist an ear until they pick up a few musical horn-toots. Then they jump up and wave their arms. A slick cruiser draws alongside. “What’ll you have?” asks a smiling cookie.

They have soft drinks and coffee and ice cream and hot dogs—great quantities.

Last year one enterprising “dog” dealer launched six 20-footers and did a rushing business. You might look over that little lake nearby; it may have possibilities this summer when the fishermen and bathers are numerous. But your floating hotdogs stand will pay taxes on local waters.

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