Sea-Going Pleasure Parks (Mar, 1931)

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Sea-Going Pleasure Parks

Outdoor Sports on German Floating Amusement Palace

ONE of the most unique sea-going entertainment palaces in the world is the floating pleasure park being built by Louis Reinsch of Bad Reichenhall, Germany. As depicted on these pages and on the cover of this issue of Modern Mechanics and Inventions, Mr. Reinsch’s boat combines features of barge and ocean liner. A movie theater, open air dining space, outdoor dancing, a swimming pool filled with constantly refreshed ocean water and enlivened by a flowing Cascade at one end, are a few of the unusual features of the boat; in addition to the usual deck games.

A perforated bottom for the swimming pool keeps water flowing through it constantly when the ship is in motion. The waterfall is kept flowing by an electric pump. The forward center section of the boat is given- over to restaurant and orchestra, whose music is enjoyed not only by the dancers but by those in the swimming pool as well. Flat and wide in construction, the craft is not designed for speed, but for leisurely cruising in coastal waters. It is not intended that the barge should ply far from shore, since the changing land scenery is one of the features which appeals to passengers out for a holiday, but the ship is perfectly seaworthy and in case of necessity can ride out the roughest sea in x mid-ocean.

Since the center of the ship is entirely occupied by restaurant and swimming pool, the designers were faced by the necessity of installing the funnels from the boilers on the sides of the boat. These funnels are taller than ordinary, so the smoke will not interfere with the pleasure of the passengers. As being built by Mr. Reinsch, the boat will accommodate 750 passengers, including the crew. The first boat constructed will probably be put into service on the French Riviera. Owing to its shallow draft, it is perfectly possible to cruise navigable rivers, and excursion trips up the Rhine, with its beautiful scenery and ruined castles, are contemplated. The first of Mr. Reinsch’s unique ships will be put into service next summer, it is hoped.

  1. Kosher Ham says: November 12, 201012:35 pm

    Sounds like an early version of a cruise ship. Hopefully with more reliable engines.

  2. Toronto says: November 12, 20102:58 pm

    “A perforated bottom for the swimming pool keeps water flowing through it constantly when the ship is in motion.” – Yikes!

  3. Stephen says: November 13, 20107:23 am

    1931 was surely not a good time to try and raise money for a giant pleasure-boat!

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