Secret Documents Sent by Radio (Jan, 1932)

Secret Documents Sent by Radio

M. BELIN, a French inventor, has perfected a machine known as the “Belinogram”, which makes it possible to send by wireless with absolute safety documents of the most secret nature. The sending machine Belin has developed decomposes the message, document or photograph, while the receiver employed assembles the electrical impulses into the original form. Any other machine, although receiving the same document, finds the signals altogether distorted and of no value whatever.

  1. Casandro says: May 12, 200811:33 pm

    I’d guess he had a second scanner on both sides which scanned in the “key sheet” which will be XORed with the transmitted image. If everything is perfectly in sync, that would give a mildly secure system.

  2. g662 says: June 20, 20085:49 am

    If the system was digital (which it probably was not) and the key sheets were for one-time use only, the system would be absolutely secure.

    An analog system with a key sheet that was reused would of course be “only mildly secure” as you say. I see enough non-random distribution of points on the image to the furthest right, to suggest that this was how it operated.

    It would be interesting to see one of these in action though. I wonder if the NSA museum has one?

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