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FRANKLIN PUBLISHING CO., Dept, W-421, 800 N. Clark St., Chicago Franklin Publishing Co., Dept. W-421 800 No. Clark St., Chicago, Ill.

Please send me your amazing new book—The Science of Hypnotism —by Prof. Young. When the book arrives, I’ll pay the postman only $2.50 plus postage. If I am not satisfied after 5 days’ trial, I may return the book and you are to refund my money.

  1. Mike says: September 28, 20108:07 am

    Always with the sparks shooting out of the eyes, perhaps an alternative energy source could be Hypnotism.

  2. Firebrand38 says: September 28, 201010:03 am

    Actually this book is still available

  3. rick s. says: September 28, 20102:38 pm

    I’ve noticed that these hypnotism ads frequently show some guy hypnotizing a woman. Seems to me they are appealing to nerdy guys that can’t get a date.


  4. Tim says: September 28, 20109:04 pm

    absolutely Rick. Hypnotism sold in the backs of magazines has always been marketed as a date rape technique. Sad but true.

  5. GaryM says: September 29, 20103:17 am

    When it talks about “how quickly you can learn to bend people to your will,” that’s a giveaway that it’s not talking about any scientifically valid theory of hypnotism.

    “You are getting sleepy — you will buy my book — you will buy copies for all your friends — “

  6. Firebrand38 says: September 29, 20108:49 am

    GaryM: Actually you can read part of the text at the link I provided. The book is a pretty serious treatment of hypnosis at the time it was written and stresses the therapeutic results of hypnotism. Nothing about date rape or bending wills. Overblown ad copywriters? “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”

  7. Timmay says: September 29, 201011:16 am

    I agree. the book does look quite well put together. However, the young, lonely men who are being targeted in the advertising are going to be let down when they discover that the book is not a simple instruction manual on how to turn a lovely unsuspecting female into a sex zombie.

    I seem to recall a similar ad in later years that actually included a device called the “Hypno-wheel”

  8. Charlie says: September 29, 201011:33 am

    This song by the White Stripes seems like it might have been inspired by an ad like this:…

  9. Mike says: October 2, 20106:48 am

    I was looking through various apps for the Blackberry and came across this hypnosis application. I am not sure why it is listed in the Finance/Investing category. When you use this I am not sure if sparks shoot out of your Blackberry device or not. Perhaps a man waving his fingers appears on the screen.

  10. Keith says: December 15, 201010:02 pm

    This ad reminds me of the old “X-Ray Glasses” advertisements that used to be in comic books, and just as subtle.

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